Michele started his PhD in 2011, focusing on the visual exploration and enrichment of digital archives. After receiving his Master’s degree in Communication Design he has worked for two years as research fellow at CRISP, where he designed and developed visual models to explore public administration data. During this period he met the hard side of statistic, learning to handle data properly.

During the Final Synthesis Course he started a collaboration with DensityDesign, developing his thesis about data visualization and information dashboards with Paolo Ciuccarelli and Donato Ricci. After his degree, his main challenge in DensityDesign Lab is to make intuitions possible, by using any available visualization tool or coding language. Currently his favorite playgrounds are Scriptographer, Processing and Nodebox, for their quickness in sketching prototypes.

In addition to his PhD thesis he is contributing to the European research project ‘Electronic Maps to Assist Public Science’ (EMAPS) as Focal Point, coordinating the design team in visualizing controversies.

In the last years he has been involved in several courses and workshops on data visualization, collaborating with the Nodebox Team.

When he doesn’t work he likes climbing, joining any collaborative project like Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap, and trying to visualize disparate data sources, getting excited when he discovers new visualization method.

In 2012 he won the Gold Award in Information Design at Information is Beautiful Awards.

From january 2014 he’s visiting researcher at the University of Amsterdam, Media Studies Department, collaborating with Digital Methods Initiative.

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Conference Proceedings

Weaving data, slicing views: a design approach to creating visual access for digital archival collections full paper

Michele Mauri, Azzurra Pini, Daniele Ciminieri, Paolo Ciuccarelli. 2013.
In Proceedings of the Biannual Conference of the Italian Chapter of SIGCHI (CHItaly '13). ACM, New York, NY, USA

Journal Articles

Climaps by Emaps in 2 Pages (A Summary for Policy Makers and Busy People) link

Michele Mauri, Giorgio Uboldi, Daniele Ciminieri, Matteo Azzi, Tommaso Venturini, Axel Meunier, Anders Munk, David Laniado, Andreas Kaltenbrunner, Bernhard Rieder. 2015.
Available at SSRN