Michele received his Master Degree in Communication Design at the Politecnico di Milano, writing a thesis about visualization of phenomena through narrative panorama. The chance for writing his thesis came from the many info-visualization projects he developed as a member of DensityDesign Lab, of which he’s been part since 2008.

He has got a freelance firm, Graphieti [design], by which he produces graphics, illustrations, set designs for theatre and videos. Moreover, it’s been two years now he is working as a designer at whiterabbitwaslost.com, a creative bureau of which he is a co-founder.
Michele is also part of the team that brought to life the CityMurmur project in Madrid (Medialab-Prado, November 2008): the project was invited at SIGGRAPH09 in New Orleans to participate in the Emerging Technologies pavilion.

Among others, his works has been published on Data Flow 2, Leonardo Journal (MIT Press), Domus, Wired, ESPN Magazine, and he was a contributor to Stazione Futuro, a temporary exposition held in Turin in 2011 for Italia150.

Fun facts: following his passion, he’s attended a three-year-acting-school and for 6 years he has been a senior member in a theatre company for which he also became art director; since 2008 Michele is a councilman in his local council; his most recent desire is to build a Panometer; he usually watches more movies than he should.

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Book Chapters

New maps from the media-city. CityMurmur as a tool for the visualization of urban space link

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Journal Articles

Tell them anything but the truth: they will find their own. How we visualized the map of the future with respect to the audience of our story abstract

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