Full stack Developer / Creative coder APPLY

The ideal candidate likes to work solution-oriented in a research environment (within Politecnico di Milano), closely with designers, to work with and learn about different technologies and frameworks, aiming at clean and elegant solutions.

You have:
- great skills in managing, transforming and refining data in the most used formats: excel spreadsheets, CSV, JSON, XML, and so on
- a good understanding of back-end development including SQL-like and NoSQL DBs, web-server setup (nginx, apache) and MVC programming (Python and/or Node.js)
- good knowledge of state-of-the-art web technologies and JavaScript libraries/frameworks like Angular JS and/or React and HTML/CSS libraries like Twitter Bootstrap
- basic knowledge of visualization oriented frontend frameworks: D3.JS, Sigma JS and p5.JS
- an interest in good design/UX and ideally basic design skills
- an open mind, loads of motivation and a hunger to learn

We really appreciate candidates that love:
- design and develop compelling data visualizations and explorative interfaces
- experiment with cutting-edge technologies and propose innovative solutions to challenges
- work in an international, relaxed, exciting, reserch-driven environment
- leverage and produce open source code

Internship APPLY

We are always looking for students from Italy or abroad willing to spend their internship in a research enviroment. We are looking for both designers and coders able to work in team and in challenging projects.