Density Design

DensityDesign is a research lab in the Design Department of the Politecnico di Milano. It focuses on the visual representation of complex social, organizational and urban phenomena read more...


Lomen is a research project aiming at exploiting the richness of digital archives, stitching up the relationships between entities and providing a... more...
Dust is an ongoing research project developed for Iridescent Learning, an American NGO. The project’s aim is to provide a freely available, web... more...
Poster: I can choose, right? Freedom for family planning choices is mandatory by human rights. On the contrary, the unmet need for family... more...


Borders. A geo-political atlas of film’s production.

Hi there! I’m Giovanni and with this post I would like to officially


Who visualizes Wikipedia?

Overview of the academic studies applying data visualization in Wikipedia


A preliminary map of the creative professionals at work for EXPO 2015

Over 90% of the world’s population will be represented in Milan in